Level 2 Australian Made Child's Face Mask, Healthone Protect - Earloop - 50 x Pack of 50

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These are 100% Australian Made Level 2 Child's Face Masks.

Kid-friendly characters add a sense of fun that helps children feel more comfortable with wearing a face mask. Adult masks don’t provide the fit, comfort and protection children need, therefore this mask has been designed specifically to fit small faces.

A level 2 earloop mask is also suitable for the public to wear to reduce the risk of potential infection and high risk of fluid contact with those in proximity.

  • AS 4381: 2015 Single-Use Face Masks Level 2
  • ARTG: 339894
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 98%
  • Differential Pressure (Delta P) mm H2O/cm² <5.0
  • Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood (fluid resistance) min pressure in min Hg for pass result @ 120mm Hg

Size: 14.50 x 9.50cm

Packaging Specification:

  • Items per Box: 50


50 boxes - Healthone Protect Level 2 Child's Face Mask - Earloop - Pack of 50

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