Level 2 Disposable Face Mask - Earloop - Pack of 50

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Our Level 2 earloop mask is suitable for is a suitable face mask for the practitioner and clinician during surgical procedures and for the dental and allied health professional who may have exposure to body and body fluids as well as risk of potential infection.

A level 2 earloop mask is also suitable for the public to wear to reduce the risk of potential infection and medium risk of fluid contact with those in proximity.

  • AS 4381: 2015 Single-Use Face Masks Level 2
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 98%
  • Differential Pressure (Delta P) mm H2O/cm² <5.0
  • Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood (fluid resistance) min pressure in min Hg for pass result @ 120mm Hg
  • Individually wrapped


17.50 x 9.50cm

Packaging Specification

  • Items per Box: 50
  • Boxes per Case: 40
  • Items per Case: 2000


1 box (Pack of 50 pcs) 


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